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Omega Busways are specialists in corporate and employee transport. We work with some of the biggest companies in the UK including Amazon and The Hut Group by providing bespoke bus services from local towns to their facilities ensuring their staff get to work safely and on time.

There are many benefits to employee transport for companies including happier staff, attracting more candidates for jobs, and improving punctuality and reducing absenteeism.

An Omega Busways single decker bus in front of The Hut Group offices in Manchester, UK.

As part of our corporate and employee transport solutions, we are able to offer expert route and timetable planning whether it's 5am or 5pm.  We are also able to offer your employees simple ticketing solutions using our app where you can purchase tickets without the need for cash and track buses in real time.

Click below to read some of our case studies and also about the myTrip app.

If you would like more information about our corporate and employee travel solutions, please contact us here.

For over 18 years, THG has built a portfolio of leading digital beauty, health, wellness and nutrition brands to become one of the UK's biggest companies.
Amazon has evolved into the world's largest online marketplace. With warehouses across the country, they are a main employer in the UK.
Omega Busways provide employee shuttle buses for one of the UK's largest delivery companies, Evri.
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