Introducing myTrip

6 months ago Fri 24th Nov 2023

Buy your tickets & track your bus with myTrip

2020 changed a lot of things, both for us and our passengers. Our priority is keeping the people who travel with us safe and secure. 

We needed to find a way to keep customers safe, with contact-free and cashless ticketing, and we wanted people travelling with us to be able to feel confident that their bus was on the way and there would be room for them to get on it safely. 

So, we are introducing myTrip ... it’s a national app with mobile ticketing and live bus locations, and you can find us on there now. Simply download the app for iOS or Android, add your location, and you’ll be able to buy your tickets, send tickets to family or dependants, see exactly where your bus in (on a map, in real-time - just like a Deliveroo rider!) and find out lots of important information about your bus before it even arrives at your stop! 

Check the app before you leave your house to plan when to set off, or know if you have time for an extra coffee when out with friends. We hope that myTrip will help you feel confident to travel with us again when you can do so. 

Those who have been travelling on essential journeys throughout the pandemic can feel confident that their bus trip is on the way, and for those who we haven’t seen in a while, we can't wait to welcome you back when we can - to a new, simple, easy bus ticketing and travel planning experience on myTrip.